Thinking about Wind for Your Home?

Then think again! And again!

Small distributed wind is a perfect renewable energy strategy to add to your home energy mix if you have the wind resource. And a ducted turbine is even better!  It is also a great compliment to solar!   

"Today, wind is the cheapest energy in America; solar is not far behind. In time, fossil fuels will only get more and more expensive." - Mark Ruffalo (2016)

Below is a table that gives you and idea what kind of energy your DWT 3.0 turbine will give you, based on your local wind resource.

Average Wind Speed (m/s)
Annual Energy Output (kWh/year)

Home issues to consider

There are many issues to consider when thinking about putting a turbine at your home or farm. Wind resource, connecting to the utility, permitting, and, of course, cost. Feel free to contact us if you need more information!

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