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Ducted Wind Turbines (DWT) began as Ducted Turbines International (DTI) in 2016 with a grant from the NEXUS NY energy incubator. You can read about it here: NYAS Podcast.  We wanted to commercialize technology developed by Ken Visser at Clarkson University and we have come a long way and learned a lot! If you are really interested, feel free to read some of our publications.

Our focus is to provide the lowest cost per kWh in the small turbine market with a goal to reduce the time for return on your investment to half of what it takes for conventional open rotor wind turbines.   Our wind tunnel prototype, pictured above, and our Gen 1 prototype, shown below, have helped us focus on the performance and quality of our turbine to deliver a product designed to last more than 10 years in the field.

Our website outlines the technology behind our ducted turbine concept and illustrates how a DWT turbine will generate more than twice the annual energy of an open rotor of the same size. It's not a new concept, but we have introduce some major new improvements.  We will continue to update the site with the progress of our prototype, numerical results and experimental data from our testing.  Although we are really excited about developing our turbine, we are also moving forward in measured steps, concentrating on developing a sound, reliable and long lasting, certified product.

If you are interested in a DWT turbine, please contact us.  In addition to working on what we perceive would fit well into the current market space, we are willing to work with you to develop product sizes that match your needs. We are definitely looking for your input!


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