Turbines in the Field

DWT has installed several turbines in Upstate New York and has also shipped a unit to the UK. Below are some highlights of recent installs which illustrate the flexibility to serve customer needs, whether they require a specific tower height, a tilt-up tower, or even a ballasted foundation.

Asgaard Farm and Dairy

Our first commercial install, Asgaard Farm and Dairy is located in Au Sable Forks, NY.

SUNY Potsdam

A D3 was installed at the State University of New York in Potsdam in October of 2021.

The Berry Farm

The Berry family has a farm outside of Potsdam and purchased a turbine in August of 2021.

Council Rock

Council Rock is an IOT engineering firm developing hardware for Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Renewables, and Intelligent Transportation. They asked for a roof install and this was completed in Rochester, NY in April 2022.

Wild Orchard Farm

The Wild Orchard Farm is in Essex NY received a turbine in November of 2022.  

TAC Turbine

Our very first unit is still running on the Clarkson University campus. Installed on the roof of the Technology Assessment Center in 2018, it serves as a source of power and inspiration to students on campus interested in learning about how wind energy can help our planet. 

Partners and Associations

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