Commercial Specifications

D3 Turbine

The focus of DWT’s product development is to reduce the cost per annual kWh of wind energy.  And that’s without incentives, since those won’t last forever. Our target is 1/2 the cost per unit energy ($/kWh) of products on the market today.  In other words, we would produce twice the energy for the same cost. Energy is what’s important, not the power rating of a turbine at 11 m/s.  We are currently focusing on developing our Gen 1 unit, a commercial prototype in the ~7000 kWh/year range, based on an average Rayleigh distribution wind speed of 5 m/s.

Tech Specs

Configuration:3 or 5 bladed downwind
Cut-In wind speed:< 3 m/s
Cut-Out wind speed:TBD
Generator3.5 kW
Rotor Diameter3.0 m (9.8 ft.)
Duct Diameter3.7 m (12.0 ft.)
Rated Power3500 W
AEO (5 m/s)4322 kWh
Rated rotation250 RPM
Nacelle Weight250 kg (550 lb)

The Gen 1 test unit can be seen live in operation at Clarkson University. It was officially put into operation during the April 2019 ribbon cutting ceremony and is mounted on the TAC Building.

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