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DWT offers dual-use 12kW Sol-Ark Inverter

Published April 24th, 2020 by Ductedken

DWT is pleased to announce they will be offering a new dual-use 12 kW Sol-Ark inverter ( on their Ventus 3 ducted turbine. The downstream electronics of a small wind turbine are not only critical to maintaining an efficient conversion of electricity from the turbine to the grid, but also a means of safely controlling and stopping the turbine when needed. Sol-Ark is providing DWT with a dual-use version of their 12kW inverter that will be able to use wind or solar on either of the two input channels. Hence, customers can configure their systems for a wind + solar input, or two wind turbines, on the same inverter. Sol-Ark inverters have a lot of other great features and you can check them out here:


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